eine Musik, ein Klavier.

Hier ist ein Klavier in unser Sprachschule.

I often play a grand piano in our language school.
In the morning, in the weekend, and so on.

I play it with my music.
It is what I composed before, or improvisation, or with composing.

Unexpectedly my music takes well here.
“That sounds like a soundtrack of movie!”, said a man.

A lady, who has a baby in her inside, is in our class.
Sometime I play it for her.
Maybe it is called a TAIKYO music in Japan. (^-^)

Sometime I also play it for our teacher in morning.
He called it a concert.

And I will take part in a concert at 19 May, too.
That is held in our school by Music Students.
Somehow I also attend it.

– – – – –

The reason why I came here is, of course, not to study music.
But I think it is also OK.

Music is a kind of language for me.
I can speak a little in English.
I can speak a little in German.
And also I can speak a little in Music.

That is all.

In the world exsists a word “Music has no border”.
I think it is wrong.
But I think,
it is only that the border of Music is different from the Nations´and the Languages´ one.
And sometimes it is flying beyond the national borders.

It is interesting to learn language.
It is also interesting to live in different country.
It makes me to be able to see another world.