Rotterdam & Utrecht / ロッテルダム&ユトレヒト

After I departured from Amsterdam, I moved to Rotterdam and stayed there for 4 days. The city Rotterdam was so to say a modern city. The city was not so large like Amsterdam, but there were more modern & high buildings than in Amsterdam, I think.


There is also a great bridge, Erasmusbrug. I was surprised that the great bridge was bascule bridge…


Otherwise, I stayed in a hostel. I showed my reservation at the reception, and the clerk gave me a key. Then I found that a strange word is written on the tag of key. It was “Club”.
And I asked the clerk, “What is ‘Club’ ?”


She said, “It’s the name of room.”
受付嬢曰く、「それ部屋の名前ですよ。」 (←あっさりとした口調で)

So amazing… There was a man “SATURDAY NIGHT” on the wall, and the floor was also strange. Bed and blanket were totally red… I don’t know whether it is becouse of that, but I couldn’t sleep well during these 3 nights.

びっくらしました… 壁には”SATURDAY NIGHT”の男が描いてあるし、床にも何か描いてあるし、更にベッドも毛布も真っ赤… このせいなのかどうかは知りませんが、ここでの3泊はどうも寝つきが悪かったです。

But a woman at reception was so kind. Maybe I use this hostel again, and would like to ask whether I can use another room. 🙂


Photos of Rotterdam are here.

Then I went back to Germany, but I dropped in at Utrecht about 10 hours on the way home. The city Utrecht was a small beautiful city, I’d like to say. There were many moats(river) in the city, and there were many stores or cafe by the river, even the place was under the street (under the ground).
The sight was so beautiful that the sun light comes through the green leaves.


I found a very amazing bus there. It was really shocking at first. There is a bus with 3 cars. I have seen a bus with 2 cars many times also in Germany. But a bus with 3 cars… I can’t understand why it can run well.

驚くべきバスをここで発見しました。最初はショックですらありました。バスが、3両連結なんですよ。2両連結のはドイツでも何度も見てますが、3両っておい… なんでちゃんと真っ直ぐ走れるのか、ほんと信じられません。

Utrecht is the city where Mr. Bruna lived. Do you know Bruna? Maybe you know a rabbit with a blank look, I think.
It’s maybe as he lived here, his paintings are also on the trash box in the city.

ユトレヒトはブルーナ氏ゆかりの町でもあります。知ってますかね、ブルーナさん? たぶん「万年無表情ウサギさん」と言えば、結構有名なんじゃないかなと思います。

Otherwise, I found this at the central station. This combination is so nice, isn’t it?
そうそう、中央駅でこんなものを発見しました。これこそ世紀の共演だと思いませんか? 並べた人のセンスを(ある意味で)大絶賛します!!

Photos of Utrecht are here.