映画「虹色の朝が来るまで」音楽制作 | A film “Until Rainbow Dawn” Soundtrack


I made musics for a film “Until Rainbow Dawn“.

クラウドファンディング中の予告編 / Trailer movie for clowdfunding


This is my first work making a music for a feature-length film. And it was also interesting & challenging to create a music for a film of the world of deaf people.


Ms. Imai, the director of this film, is also deaf, and this film is the first one that she worked hard with sounds and musics.
The cinematographer is Mr. Yugoshi who is a friend of mine from college. Deaf and listener discussed together deeply, which sound fits for this film, what the purpose of this film and soundtrack is.


As almost all characters and staffs are deaf, it was really a interesting & creative work. We often discussed what the music means, why we put sounds for this film.


This film will be shown at some film festivals, etc.


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