3Dプリント義足開発プロジェクト PR映像制作 | 3D printed prosthetic leg project PR movie


A promotional movie of “Instalimb” – a start up company in Manila, the Philippines who are developing a prosthetic leg with 3D scanning & 3D printing technology, is released.

English Version


As I also saw the prototypes and developing process, and supported as movie maker, too, I’m very happy to see that they started their business.


This time I could visit Manila and could see their office, developing process, fitting process, and the difference between Instalimb prosthetic leg and a traditional one.
Through the hearing to the amputees and a doctor, I deeply understood, this project is not only a new technology, but also an important project for this place, and a promising project.


Sometimes, these project with “new technology” is driven by a simple mind, how to say, “I do it because I can do”. However, this project is not so, because a founder has lived and researched in the Philippines for some years, and developed the product with real amputees. This prosthetic leg is not only a useful prosthesis, but also a beautiful prosthesis to empower the amputees.

Instalimb Website

映像やWebサイトで公開されている部分以外にも、様々な開発の意図や、よりよく使える義足にするための工夫がたくさん盛り込まれています。一度は足を失った人が、この義足によって自信を取り戻せる… そんな世界の実現を、陰ながら応援しています。

There are many ideas to make prosthesis useful, comfortable, and beautiful. I hope that the amputees can recover their confidence with this prosthetic leg.

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